Bible Rock Hike


Bible Rock can be seen when passing the Kadugannawa Pass. From there it may seem a difficult hike, because of the shape of it and the thick jungle surrounding the mountain. But it is an enjoyable, moderate hike in which each step will be refreshed by the soft breeze.


A popular destination for the adventure-seeking traveller is the Bible Rock, also known as the Batalegala Mountain. In the midst of grand views of craggy, densely wooded hills, it is the prominent flat topped bible rock which acquired its pious name thanks to dutiful local Victorians on account of its resemblance to a lectern.


A 798m high rock offers a sheer face for those who seek to scale challenging surfaces. Moreover, its location in Gevilipitiya, Hathgampola, is an ecologically important area in the central hills.


Access: 1 1/2 hour drive from Kandy. from Mawanella town towards Aranayake and turn right from Gevilipitiya Junction and pass the Hathgampola village.


Location: 25 Km Kandy town along the Kandy-Colombo road to the Kadugannawa Pass and 95 Km up the road thereafter.


Bathalegala Kanda, also known as Bible Rock is one of the ideal places, for a scenic hike in Sri Lanka. It rises up to 1688 feet in height. No other sceneries can beat the panorama which is waiting for you at the flat top of Bible rock.


On a bright sunny day, all the surrounding mountains, forests, waterfalls and towns display beautiful views in front of hiker's eyes. Bible rock is a place where one can live in the company of nature.


The hike which takes less than a day can derive the real pleasure out of life and one journey to this place will refresh you proving that the wonders of nature can do more for the health than all the drugs in the world.


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