- Kalpitiya -

Kalpitiya is the perfect holiday destination for both local and foreign travellers because whether you want to ease into seclusion, enjoy the scenic beauty or have an adventurous time Kalpitiya coastal area offers the best of nature, adventure and beauty.


Starting from the beautiful sand beaches to the bold tides that are ideal for water sports Kalptitya offers travellers the best solution fro a perfect holiday.

Kalpitiya city itself is of cultural and historical value.


The historical Dutch Fort and Church in Kalpitiya has been an attraction for travellers who enjoy heritage sites and even today coins from different eras are found during explorations in the coastal area which indicates that Kalpitiya is of historical value.


Geographically, the Kalpitiya coastal area is peninsula and it separates the Puttalam lagoon from the Indian Ocean. Getting on a boat from the Noraiadi jetty, I was privileged to go on a boat ride and visit several islands with breathtaking beaches filled with sift white sand.


The boat ride is quite fun as the dancing waves and the drizzle of sea spray makes the boat ride vibrant and colorful.

We visited the Ippantivu Island which had a diverse eco system consisting of varieties of mangroves.


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