Pitawala Pathana -

Sub Montane Forest



This is the famous ' Pitawala Pathana ' or the ' Pitawala Grassland ' of an area of 20 Hectares.  This is a best trekking path 750 meters length up  to the magnificent mini worlds end. This Pathana plain is dry teaming with indigenous plants and animal species belong to Knuckles forest reserve.


Due to gale force winds  the trees growing in the pictured area are not growing big. Notice the rocky flat terrain only holds small plants and few survive the hot weather without getting dried. The rainy weather brings them back to life.


The time of the year is February 2016 when these photos were taken.






Pitawala Pathana -


This is a best trekking path 750 meters length up  to the magnificent mini worlds end.



Thunhis Gala trekking -


Explore many fauna and flora about knuckles range. The trekking path could you complete up to the beautiful Duvili ella. The trekking path length is 08 km covers Pitawala Village and the knuckles vegetation and during this 2 days trekking you will get unforgeable experience in rich biodiversity. Pitawala Village a  significant of living fence and rock wall serve as a boundary maker and offer security and privacy but it also adds to the significant beauty of the entire village landscape.





Hiking - Manigala mountain



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Dumbara Rock Frog


Endemic and Endangered,Sighted only on Pitawalapathana Plain


Traditional village gate or Kadulla -


Environment tourist are sure to explore this traditional village gate or kadulla is usually a very simple rustic contraption.

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