- Mirissa -

The Mirissa coastal and Sea offers a life time opportunity for visitors now in Sri Lanka. At present Mirissa became a major hotspot for spotting Whales and Dolphins. The season for sighting these mammals are during the months of November to April. January and April are the peak months the probability of spotting sperm whales and blue whales are very high more over the chances of spotting Spinner Dolphins off Dondra point.



The Sandy Village


Weligama is situated at the southern corner of Sri Lanka, about 24 km from the historic city of Galle and only two hour and half from Colombo with the new highway.



Just half an hour's drive from Galle, along majestic coconut groves, brings you to the beautiful Weligama Bay.


The term Weligama literally means "sandy village" which refers to the area's sandy sweep bay.


The famous German scientist philosopher Ernst Haekel who in 1882 set up a marine zoological laboratory in Weligama, called this secluded haven "Bella Gemma" the lovely gem and the pearl of Taprobane (another name for Sri Lanka)!


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