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The muthurajawela Marsh is situated towards the northern part of Kelani River and southern part of Negombo on the coastal belt in the Western  Province. It extends over approximately 6,000 acres.


The name Muthurajawela has been derived from the Sinhalese language. The meaning can be translated in to English simply as the  " Swamp of Royal Treasure."


After the invasion of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British, several canals and structures were constructed for transportation purposes.


Muthurajawela marsh had been a rich rice growing basin before the Portuguese constructed a canal that ruind the field with sea water.


Over the centuries mother nature turned Muthurajawela in to Sri Lanka's biggest saline wetland home to the many water birds and amazing aquatic bio diversity of fauna.


Later, the Hamilton Canal which was constructed by the British, who considered the marsh a good place for paddy growing was not a success since it facilitated salt intrusion during high tides.


According to a survey done by the Geographic Department of the Peradeniya University, Muthurajawela has a history of 29,000 years.


Muthurajawela is a bird sanctuary, which provides a home to 40 species of migratory birds and 85 species of indigenous birds.


It is also breeding centre for the island's native inland water species.


Mangroves on either side of the footpaths on the swamp's island emboss the beauty of Muthurajawela.


It is a native land enriched with a high degree of biodiversity bearing various fauna and flora.


Muthurajawela is one of the island's most important wetland habitats, surrounding more than 3,000 hactares of marshland and mangrove forest, located inland from the ocean and directly south of the Negombo lagoon.


Muthurajawela has been declared a sanctuary and it is the seasonal home to many local and migrant shorebirds and waders.




Muthurajawela Boat ride rates are as follows with our team members support-

Local visitor Rs. 550/=

Foreign visitor - Rs. 1600/=


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