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Negombo is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Srilanka.


 It is a fishing port located near the shores of a lagoon. Among the various tourist attractions the Old Dutch Fort Gate.


Negombo deserves special mention. The Old Dutch Fort Gate, Negombo was constructed in the year 1672.


If a tourist wants to rejuvenate his spirits, he must visit Negombo. One who visits Negombo must see the Old Dutch Fort Gate. Negombo as an attractive tourist spot.


bustling Negombo town is a historically interesting place strongly influenced by the Catholic Church.The narrow strip of land between the lagoon and the Sea and the many canals make for good exploring.


The Dutch captured the town from the Portuguese in 1640, lost it again the same year, then captured it again in 1644. The British then took it from them in 1796 with out a struggle. Negombo was one of the most important sources of cinnamon during the Dutch era and there are still reminders of the European days.



The Old Dutch Fort Gate

 Negombo has now become a portion of a prison. These days only ruins of the Fort can be seen. The British destroyed the Fort in the later half of nineteenth century. The stones of it were used to create a prison.


 A military blockade by the Dutch people in the year 1644 completely destroyed the Portuguese Fort. On the ruins of the fort, the Dutch Fort was constructed. It was constructed on a pentagonal pattern instead of the regular square pattern. It had only four bulwarks.


Old Dutch Fort Gate, Negombo does not have a fifth bulwark. In between a lagoon and a recess of the sea there is a narrow portion of landmass. The Old Dutch Fort Gate, Negombo was constructed on that landmass. There was constructed a drawbridge, through which the gate was accessed.


The city faced it on the other side. The city was encircled by an earth wall. Eventually the landmass on which the Old Dutch Fort Gate, Negombo was constructed  regularly washed by the sea.


Thus the landmass gradually took the shape of a peninsula. "Fine defensible structure" was the term which was used by the Governor Rumpf while describing the Fort. However painter Heydt had a different opinion on the Fort when he painted it in 1744. According to him the construction of the Fort was not that strong.


The Fort was visited by Governor Rumpf, who wished to see its betterment. The improvements that attracted his attention were an addition of new watch towers and the increase in the height of its walls. Some other modifications caught his eyes.


 Above the gate a big bell tower had been constructed. Again he also found a new palisade, which had been constructed. A painting was made using water colors. The painting shows the Fort in a new grandness. The painting was made in the year 1720.



Negombo Beach

Situated on a lagoon to the north of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Negombo has gradually emerged as one of the favorite tourist destinations. With a lush green nature around. The deep blue ocean, the serene atmosphere and picturesque views, Negombo stands unique as a tourist place. Negombo Beach provides information on the exotic beaches in this place.


The extensive stretches of beaches are the most attractive and gorgeous sites in Negombo. Walking on these beaches early morning and in the evening gives an exclusive delight to the senses. You can view a splendid sunrise or a stunning sunset by the beaches. Sunbathing on Negombo Beach is another pleasurable experience. With the lush palm groves as the backdrop and the expansive deep blue ocean in front, the beaches offer charming natural views.


 You can spend hours after hours getting soaked in such enticing beauty and yet will be unaware of the time passing by

Negombo Beach is also a fisherman's paradise.



Negombo Fish Market

It is a traditional fishing town of Sri Lanka. Fishing is carried out on an elaborate scale in Negombo. In some of the beaches you will get to see the fishermen preparing themselves to set sail for new ventures. Here you will see some old fishing implements including the outrigger canoes and the sailboats. You can also see some of them returning with a boat full of fresh catch. It is on the Negombo Beach where you are most likely to catch up a glimpse of some of the rare unique and typical sea fish.



Old Resthouse Negombo

You can also try out some in the local restaurants. The fresh seafood in Negombo is indeed a thing to relish and cherish. Dishes of prawns, lobsters, cuttlefish and crabs can be savored in such beach restaurants like Old Reshouse Restaurant and Bar. Some of the popular bars and clubs by the beach sides are Rudis Bar and Club Tropicana.


Negombo Beach states that some of the hotels and resorts possess their own private beaches which are meant exclusively for their guests who are able to enjoy utmost seclusion and safety. Goldie Sands and Negombo Beach Hotel are two of such hotels in Negombo.


Negombo Beach offers some major beach attractions. To name a few of them are Negombo Lagoon, St. Mary's Church, and Portuguese Fort and Dutch Cemetery.


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