The Sri Lankan Government run Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage close to the Kegalle town.


This was set up to save and protect abandand or orphand wild elephants.It has now grown into the most popular Jumbo attraction in Sri Lanka and with good reason for now here else except at traditional processions who like to see many elephants at close.


The Pinnawala elephants are controlled by their mahouts who ensure they feed at the right time and do not endanger anyone but otherwise the elephants roam freely around the orphanage premises.


There are 68 elephants living in the Pinnawala orphanage.


the only one of its kind in the world with over 60 elephants including baby orphans






opening hours - 08:30 am to 05:30 pm


feeding time- 09:00 am- 01:15  pm -


bathing time- 10: am - 02: pm - 04: pm

Elephant in Musth

When an elephant is in musth, a gland located between eyes and ears swells and excude a substance called temporin.


 Swelling of this gland presses on the elephant's eyes and causes acute pain.


 Elephants sometimes try to counteract this pain by digging to muddy banks or earth The temporin drips into the mouth and ingestion of it makes the elephant drive mad.


During the period of musth penis is constantly erected and urine dribbles.


A tar like mucous is discharged from the penis and this has a pungent smell. An elephant in musth can be recognized from this smell.


Testosterone levels of a musth elephant is very high compared to a normal elephant.


Though this phenomenon does not tied to the timing of the oestrous in females the elephants during musth time pursue females.


Musth period is of about two months but it can be prolonged and during this time animal is very dangerous.





Captured this elephant at Yala and Minneriya National Parks.



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