A safari is an overland journey,

usually a trip by tourists to Africa in earlier years,

the trip was a big-game hunt, but today,

safari often refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife & Nature

or hiking and sight-seeing

in Sri Lanka, mainly Yala Wildlife Park and Wilpattu Wildlife Park and Udawalawe National Park.



Team Sight Seeing Lanka - organizes tailor made safaris for customers according to their needs and wishes, providing overnight stays within national parks, which in case of real camping safaris (instead of accommodation in so-called circuit bungalows of the national park administration) requires the guests' willingness to cooperate and to be involved.


 A classic is the safari starting at the famous, but busy block 1 of the Yala National Park, then crossing the remote block 2, and finally reaching the adjacent Yala East and Kumana national park well-known for its abundance in bird species.


Near Kumana lake there is a good choice of very suitable camping sites. But after heavy rainfall this safari - otherwise being worth the efforts - is not feasible because there are no bridges. So rivers have to be crossed.


For nocturnal wildlife observation it is recommended to undertake such expeditions only within those fortnight periods of every month that begin one week before and end one week after full moon, in order to have the light of the crescent moon at least.


Excursions - Camping - Safari

Team Sight Seeing Lanka   We will give our fullest support to Wildlife and Nature enthusiasts who wish to travel any part of Sri Lanka. We would arrange Excursions, Expeditions, Camping & Wildlife Park safaries as well as to fullfill your leisure holiday expectations & especialy matching to your budget. Safety and effectiveness guaranteed.


Tour Packages -  for every corner in Sri Lanka. Please contact us and Team Sight Seeing Lanka would be happy to discuss with you to meet and fullfill your requirements.




Safari tours 4x4 Jeep

US $ 125  Full day tour (2 Person, Meals,Fresh Fruits & Refreshments included)

US $ 63  Half day tour (2 Person, Meals & Refreshments included)



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