The houses are small floor area and constructed of wattle and daub.The villages of the area are not very large. The family structure is that of an extended family with parents, Children and grandparents living together. The villages are healthy and physically fit.

  • Pure Water Stream bath
  • Visitation 01 waterfall
  • Preparation of Kithul treacle
  • Fresh tropical Fruits and Vegetables
  • Period - 02 Days - 01 Night -


US $ -   269 per person



Reservations mail -


Call - +94 714 901 426

The Kudawa Village Lady make Jack fruit ready for use lunch for Team Sight Seeing Lanka group .....

Jack Fruit Meal

Kitul Tree ( Caryota urens )

This is a common sight witnessed in Sinharaja where villages carry pots full of sap trapped from the inflorescence of locally known Kitul Tree ( Caryota urens ) family palmae fermentation of the sap produces an alcoholic beverages.


The unfermented sap when concentrated by heating forms a thick syrup which is relished as treacle ( peni ) by Sri Lankan. Treacle in turn produces juggery ( Hakuru ) crystalized brown suger.


These two products fetch very attractive prices thus making a livelihood of the local people.


Sinharaja juggery is well known pure and natural  all over Sri Lanka.

Photo Credits :


  • Kapila Hettiarachchi (Sri Lanka)
  • Olga Shorokhova (Russia)

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