- Yala National Park -

Yala National Park Entrance

The Yala National Park covers 979 square km, although only the original 141 square km are open to the public.

It was established in 1984. Being located in one of the arid regions of Sri Lanka



  • The climate of the National Park is usually hot dry.


Rain fall

  • The area receives its annual rainfall during the north east monsoon from November to January, and unpredictable inter-monsoonal rains in March, April and September.
  • February is a dry month with the dry season proper commencing in june and lasting until September and some times until mid October.



  • Annual temperature is 270C although in the dry season a daily maximum of 370C.


Some of the interesting places to stay out side the Yala National Park

Palatupana, Kirinda, Tissamaharama, Weerawila, Katharagama,


Nearest  Town- Tissamaharama

Hospital- Debarawewa Government Hospital

Banks- Bank of Ceylon, Peoples Bank, Sampath Bank, Seylan Bank

ATM - Sampath Bank, Seylan Bank.

Fuel Stations- Tissamaharama, Debarawewa, Yodakandiya, Pannegamuwa.

Yala Park has the world's highest concentration of leopards.

There are very good numbers of Elephants, Crocodiles, water buffalo's, wild boars, spotted deer and gray languors amongst other large animals.


Birds are in abundance and include, rare Black necked stork, Indian Peafowl, Sri Lanka jungle fowl, Bee eaters, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Nightjar, Ceylon Hoopoe, Indian Roller, Blue Face Malkoha, Ceylon Brown Fish Owl, Ceylon Serpent Eagle, Crested Hawk Eagle, Ceylon Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Ceylon green Pigeon, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Indian White Breasted King Fisher, Ceylon Bustard Quail, Paradise Flycatcher, Indian Darter, Puple Coot, Lesser Whistling Teal, Cormorant, Red Wattled lapwing, Little Green Heron, Cattle Egret, Painted Stork, Open Bill Stork, White Ibis, Indian Spoon Bill, Lesser Adjutant, Spotted Billed Pelican, Eastern Purple Heron, Eastern Large Egret,


 Yala Block 2

The Boer Prisoner Who Was Yala's First Game Warden-


National Parks -  In the Hambantota cemetery by the sea is a simply engraved stone marking the spot where Engelbrecht, a Boer prisoner of war and this country's first game warden was buried. Thereby hangs a tale.... !


Along with 5,000 other Boer prisoners of war, Engelbrecht was kept in Sri Lanka by the British until the war in South Africa ended in 1902.

These prisoners were then allowed to go back provided they took an oath of allegiance to the British Crown. All of them complied except Engelbrecht and four others who were not allowed to return.


Engelbrecht was sent to Hambantota and the other four to Jaffna and Batticaloa, where they were maintained on a government allowance of Rs. 1.25 per day, paid on a monthly basis from the respective kachcheries.


After the four Boers in Jaffna and Batticaloa died, Engelbrecht remained to eke out an existence on his measly dole. When he was turned out of the house he was living in because he could not pay the rent, he received a great deal of public sympathy.


His case was accordingly looked on favorably by the Governor, who appointed Engelbrecht game warden of the maritime area between the Kumbukkan oya and Menik ganga (the present Ruhuna National Park) which had been declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1899.


Engelbrecht turned out to be a capable game warden. Government reports indicated that under his stewardship "a decided increase in all kinds of game and animals", had been observed.


Yala park was initially started as a Game Sanctuary by the British in 1894 and was established as a National Park in 1938. Yala park covers more than 100 hectares of wildlife. Size  28,904 hectares.


Yala is divided in to 5 Blocks. The most visited zone is block one.


Yala Block 2 is the zone between the Manik Ganga and the Kumbukkan Oya which is a designated Strict Nature Reserve and access to this area is only through special permission.


In the yala block 2 is very isolated and remarkable places are Minihagal kanda, Pahala Poththana, Uda Poththana, Walaskema, and Boer's Tree where Henry engelbrecht  ( First Park wardner for Yala Park ) used to Camping Pahala Poththana block 2 while he visit field tours.



Yala block 2 route plan -

Kumbukkan Oya Crossing, Gajaba Lagoon, Walas Kema, Pahala Pottana Lin Thuna, Mairawa, Palle Pottana Kalapuwa, Pilinnawa, Agare Ara, Miniha Gal Kanda, Pillinnawa Kalapuwa, Katupila Ara, Yala Wela, Menik Ganga.



Off the beaten track Length - 136 km Round trip


Yala Block 2 Safari



  • Picnic Breakfast
  • Lunch + Fresh Fruits
  • Tea
  • Mineral Water


US $ 285 for 2 People



- Camping at Yala -

Muwan Wewa - Close to Yala Park


The Village called Muwan Wewa very close to Yala Park and every moment would be excited because, Wild animals are roaming around the this remote dry zone village.


Team Sight Seeing Lanka have a Camping Ground there, obviously If you stay in this beautiful village with Team Sight Seeing Lanka you will definitely get maximum and memorable experiences as well as to fulfill your real Jungle Camping  desire close to nature and Safari excursion needs.


Indeed there are very humble people lives those are traditional farmers. Many of dry zone fresh fruits and Chaina cultivated fresh organic  vegetables use to prepare  for your meals.


We will arrange a session you to cook simple meals with them in wattle and daub Kitchen with brick stoves in the company of humble Farmer's wife.


You do Love this simple tasty organic vegetable foods and fresh fruits what better way to experience Sri Lankan village simple life style.


Could you mail your interest us to arrange a tour and stay at night this real Jungle Camping Ground with Team Sight Seeing Lanka.


  • 03 meals with fresh Vegitables & Fruits
  • Lake Bath
  • Observe Wild animals on watch hut at night
  • Half day Jeep Safari to Yala Park
  • Park entrance fee + Taxes
  • Cooking session in Village kitchen
  • 30 minute foot massage



US $ 265 two person per day




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